Let’s build a more secure enterprise.

The ForeNova Partner Program enables you to create new revenue streams by delivering the most comprehensive threat detection and response solutions on the market today. Together with ForeNova, our partners give businesses confidence by mitigating the impact of serious, sophisticated cyber threats happening every day.

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Potential for Tremendous Growth


Simplifying Complexity: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) often find security tools like EDR, NDR, XDR, and SIEM overwhelmingly complex. NovaMDR offers a streamlined, user-friendly solution.


Expertise Within Reach: The challenge of recruiting security experts is a major hurdle for SMEs. With NovaMDR, access top-tier cybersecurity expertise effortlessly.


Strategic Outsourcing Advantage: Outsourcing to NovaMDR is the ideal solution, allowing you to instantly scale your client and service base.


Dedicated Support for Your Success: Benefit from our comprehensive support in your sales and marketing endeavors. We offer detailed step-by-step guidance, training, and marketing resources, and attractive sales incentives.

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Protect Your Existing Install Base Revenue with “No-Overlap” Additive Revenue 


Complementary Cybersecurity Solution: NovaMDR is crafted to seamlessly augment your existing security setup, offering additional protection layers without replacing your current systems.


Integration with Minimal Disruption: Our approach ensures that your current security installations continue to function effectively, with NovaMDR integrating smoothly to enhance overall security capabilities.


Expand Security Opportunities: With NovaMDR, the door opens to a world of possibilities for offering supplementary or adjacent cybersecurity solutions, tailor-fit to your unique client's needs.


Expert Guidance for Filling Security Gaps: Our accessible Solution Architects are at your service, assisting you in identifying and addressing any cybersecurity gaps, ensuring your defense strategy is comprehensive and robust​.

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Promote Innovative Technology that You Can be Proud to Represent and is Easy to Sell


Adaptable Innovation: ForeNova stands as a dynamic innovator in cybersecurity, characterized by our agility and flexibility to meet unique customer needs. This approach fosters strong capability differentiators and positions us at the forefront of tailored cybersecurity solutions.


Partner with Confidence: As a ForeNova partner, you become an integral part of our service delivery team. This collaboration not only boosts customer confidence but also enriches your own experience in the field of advanced cybersecurity.

ForeNova MDR

24/7 Managed Detection and Response for Small & Medium Sized Enterprise 

NovaMDR is a managed service that utilizes cutting-edge security technology and top-tier professionals to deliver 24/7 monitoring of your endpoints, networks, cloud services and identities. Our mission is to detect and respond to even the most sophisticated cyber threats, ensuring your business is always securely available. 

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Increase security operational efficiency by leveraging leading-edge security technology, proven security techniques and processes, and experienced security professionals

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Enhance security visibility through human and machine assisted threat detection and threat hunting to find things that may have escaped your existing security controls

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Keep organizations secure through real-time threat detection and analysis

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Build a better security operations team consisting of internal teams and external security experts

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How do you get started? 

If the business value propositions mentioned above can become an important part of your business strategy, then we have an easy way for you to expand your offering portfolio to include NovaMDR.  


What is NovaMDR? 

  • NovaMDR is a managed detection and response service that leverages human and machine intelligence to help organizations detect and respond to security threats. 

  • NovaMDR uses ForeNova’s state-of-the-art AI-based advanced analytics technologies and global threat intelligence to enhance detection accuracy. 

  • NovaMDR’s global team of security experts work around the clock, continuously analyzing threats to provide customers with guidance on how to respond to these threats. 

  • Integration with systems allows NovaMDR to quickly respond to contain incidents and minimize impact to the organization. 

What is the Ideal Go-To-Market Business Model

We can work with you to map our defined sales stages to your methodologies so that our sales teams are always aligned with your business goals. This mapping will be recorded in the Business Plan. 

What is the Ideal Go-To-Market Business Model

We can work with you to map our defined sales stages to your methodologies so that our sales teams are always aligned with your business goals. This mapping will be recorded in the Business Plan. 
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ForeNova's Sales Strategy: The Crawl, Walk, Run Approach



Initially, ForeNova leads with content presentation and resource provision, while you shadow and learn our technical and sales approach.



Gradually, you take on more presentation roles with ForeNova focusing on technical aspects. Your increased confidence and skills guide your level of involvement, with ForeNova supporting and observing.



You confidently lead sales presentations and stages, independently handling the majority of opportunities. At this stage, you're adept at identifying client needs, aligning with our strategies, and showcasing business value.

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ForeNova Reseller Program

All organizations start their partnership with ForeNova as a Value-Add Reseller.

First, we make it easy for you to resell NovaMDR with many resources to provide training, sales and technical support, marketing and opportunity generation.

Next, NovaMDR is typically an “additive service” for most small and mid-size end-user customers. This means NovaMDR is often highly complementary to your existing portfolio of network, cloud, and security solutions. Again, we make it easy for you to pull through additional revenue linked to a single sale of NovaMDR.


Afterwards and ongoing, the dynamic nature of the cybersecurity landscape means that you will have a steady stream of recurring revenue and your customers will continuously have the most appropriate level of security based on their risk appetite.
Only an investment of time for knowledge transfer and business planning is needed to get started.


ForeNova Reseller Requirements

  • Valid Partner Agreement
  • Primary Business: Face to face selling method
  • Sales certified on how to sell ForeNova MDR
  • Monthly New Deal Registrations
  • End user co-marketing events
  • Quarterly business planning and review
  • Technical - ForeNova Certified Fundamentals
  • Plan to offer security operation within 1-2 year (Bonus)
Extended collaboration

If your business strategy includes growth into the managed security services market, or you are already offering managing services, we could plan for greater cooperation by examining areas for joint delivery of services. This enables you to build even stronger relationships with your end-user customers and naturally win greater wallet share of the IT and security budget. 

When you are ready, we can help you build or integrate with your own security operation by upgrading you to MSSP program.

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ForeNova MSSP Program

Are you already an MSP, would you like to deliver security operations to your customers, or you have 8x5 services but would like to extend that to 24x7 operation? ForeNova can help you to jointly deliver MDR to your customers. In addition, you can also deliver other services such as technology deployments, managed endpoint, managed firewall, Incident responses and security consulting.

ForeNova MSSP Requirements
  • Valid Partner Agreement
  • Existing services offering (ex: managed endpoint, managed firewall, VAPT, incident response and other security consulting services)
  • Sales certified on how to sell ForeNova MDR
  • Monthly New Deal Registrations
  • End user co-marketing events
  • Quarterly business planning and review
  • Technical - ForeNova Certified Fundamentals
  • Technical - Customer Success Manager or Project Manager
  • 8x5 or 24x7 security operation center (Bonus)
Sales & Marketing

Partner Program Benefits​

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Joint marketing campaigns​

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Marketing Development Funds (MDF)​

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New Opportunity Registration (NOR – aka Deal Registration)​

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Crawl, Walk, Run Opportunity Support​

An iterative progression of formal training and informal “on-the-job” experience. We use this methodology to initially handle opportunities to show how it is done, and over time with more opportunities, handover greater responsibility to you until you are confident to manage the opportunities independently. 


Increased Revenue Growth​

Additive and adjacent opportunities with technology sales, consulting, deployment, and implementation services, support services, etc.
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Knowledge Transfer & Support​

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Partner Portal

Assets and large file-sharing.​

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Demo Environment​

Credentials to access demo systems​.

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Test Lab Opportunities​

Testing environment designed to represent a typical SME infrastructure.​

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Not For Resale (NFR) Licenses 

Products for testing and case-by-case trial licenses for POV/POC opportunities.​

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Instructor-led Training​

Half and full-day curriculums. Required. ​

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Refresher Training Sessions​

Planned every 6 months.​

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Ad hoc Technical Sessions​

As required online training, for opportunity management and new releases.​

Sales & marketing


Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Join the ForeNova Partner Program today and unlock the potential for growth, innovation, and success in the cybersecurity landscape.

As a partner, you'll have access to our comprehensive support, cutting-edge solutions, and collaborative opportunities to expand your offerings and elevate your business.

Let's build a more secure future together. Sign up now to start your journey with ForeNova!

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