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ForeNova: We deliver peace of mind when it comes to Ransomware and other dangerous cyberthreats

We are a rapidly expanding cybersecurity company based in Europe. With our industry-leader-backed security technologies, multi-talented team of security experts, and around the clock cloud security services, we deliver rapid and accurate threat detection and response to help businesses protect the integrity and availability of their critical assets. Our aim is not to replace traditional IT security, but to provide a sophisticated security platform that is prepared to withstand even the most advanced cyber-attacks, today and in the future. Operate your security without concern - with ForeNova. 

Our Mission

At ForeNova, we aim to deliver sophisticated cybersecurity solutions and services to protect the digital assets of those who need it more than ever: small and mid-size businesses.  

The evolving tactics and objectives of cyber-attackers mean that today’s SMBs are no longer the bystanders or occasional victims of cyber-attacks but the lucrative targets and they may not have the resources to detect and respond to them.

ForeNova was born out of the acute awareness of this worrying trend and aims to provide an affordable security platform and comprehensive security services to these customers.

Our History

ForeNova Technologies B.V. was founded in the Netherlands in early 2021 by a group of cybersecurity experts with a vision to protect the most vulnerable. Working in collaboration with a global cybersecurity market leader, the company launched NovaCommand, a user-friendly, affordable, yet powerful NDR solution. 

In the short space of a year, ForeNova has grown into a multinational organization with subsidiaries in Germany and the United States, and offices in Austria and Romania. 

The solutions are delivered out of our GDPR compliant European data center in Frankfurt, Germany or directly on-premises at the customer site. In 2022, ForeNova launched a series of security operations services, backed by around the globe security operations centers in Europe, Asia, and North America, each staffed with cybersecurity professionals to deliver rapid and precise threat detection and response no matter the time or place.

World-Class Cybersecurity Solutions  

ForeNova’s security solutions are developed in collaboration with a global cybersecurity market leader whose customers include over one hundred Fortune Global 500 companies, allowing us to provide SMBs with world-class security capabilities at an affordable price. Our solutions provide security administrators with unprecedented network and endpoint visibility to detect even the most sophisticated and stealthiest threats and prevent devastating losses and business impact to organizations.

Dedicated Cybersecurity Experts Delivering Word-Class Security Services 

We recognize that for some companies, technology alone may not be enough when experience and know-how is lacking. At ForeNova, we have assembled a multi-talented team of cybersecurity professionals so that you don’t have to. With our end-to-end security services, we take care of all things in cybersecurity, from threat assessment to threat monitoring and detection to incident response. With security matters in the hands of our experts, customers can relieve themselves of these "painful" duties and focus on what they do best to grow their business. Victims of a cyber-attack can leverage our incident response service where we analyze the attack and identify all compromised devices and services for rapid remediation and get your business back up and running.

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