detect the undetected

NovaCommand is a Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform capable of finding residual attacks that currently go undetected. 

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Threats and attacks don’t stand a chance

NovaCommand is the first unified command center, giving customers the most comprehensive detection capabilities across the growing threat landscape.

NovaCommand helps businesses leverage existing security solutions to improve the detection of hidden threats with greater speed and precision.



Collect a broad range of network and security data including North-South and East-West traffic data, logs from network gateways and EDRs, decode it using network applications like DNS or mail, and apply AI analysis to uncover undesirable behavior.


A powerful threat tracking model automatically ingests and correlates logs, visually identifies missing and rogue assets, builds a timeline of a kill chain related to a breach, and identifies high-risk ports, services & applications on the network to reduce the attack surface area.


With a single view of all activity across the kill chain, NovaCommand can direct 3rd party network security or endpoint protection systems to block or quarantine attacks, manually, or automatically. This helps organizations to close security gaps much faster.

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