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ForeNova – The 24/7
Threat Detection Company

Strengthen you Cyber Resilience and unburden your IT Team with our 24/7 cybersecurity
services. With a combination of AI and Machine Learning driven technology and an
experienced team of cybersecurity specialists you are prepared for even the most
sophisticated ransomware attack and any other cyberthreat.

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Cybersecurity as a Service


Proactively Combat Evolving Threats


  • With increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and the rapid growth of AI, being strategic with your cyber defense is no longer enough.

  •  NovaMDR's proactive defense adapts in real-time to counter ever-evolving threats using our XDR platform, GPT, and real experts.


Bridge Your Cybersecurity Expertise Gap


  • Gain an edge with NovaMDR’s team of elite cybersecurity professionals.

  • We bring the expertise your business needs to confront any cyber challenge without the cost and complexity of scaling your in-house team.


Demonstrate Compliance and Get Peace of Mind


  • Meeting NIS2, KRITIS, ISO27001, and other regulatory compliance can be daunting.

  • NovaMDR helps move towards compliance by offering expert assistance to help you respond to threats, ensuring the coverage of all digital assets, and compliance reporting to demonstrate adherence to specific requirements.

The Perfect Mixture Of Technology & Human Expertise

ForeNova delivers security services from their own team of Cybersecurity experts together with their own technology for the most advanced real-time detection & response for endpoints and network.



Comprehensive Protection



Collection of security logs from networks, endpoints, cloud/SaaS, user identities, and third-party devices, normalized, aggregated, and correlated for broader attack scenario detection.

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24/7 Security

24/7 security coverage and monitoring with anytime access to security experts acting as an extension of your team.

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Complete Attack Lifecycle Protection

Complete Attack Lifecycle Protection with pre-attack guidance to assess risk, reinforce existing measures, and reduce exposures. During attacks, experts assisted by GPT AI can more quickly and accurately triage, detect, and conduct deep investigation of potential threats. Post-attack review enables root cause analysis and closes the feedback-loop back to pre-attack guidance.

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Efficient Security Operation

  • Faster Detection and Response based on custom-modelled GPTs & security experts enabling high detection accuracy, enhanced detection and discovery of 0-day attacks resulting in industry leading Service Level Agreements.
  • Encrypted Traffic Inspection with the utilization of NovaSensor's SSL decryption capability to enhance detection and analysis of encrypted traffic eliminating blind spots.
  • Advanced features like Micro Segmentation, Hot Patching & Ransomware Honeypot
  • Incident Containment in Seconds due to our tight integration with NovaGuard endpoint security we can contain threats in near real-time to minimize impact and coordinate response with third-party EDR and firewall technologies.
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Easy to Use


Pricing Suitable for SMEs

Easy to understand, simple scoping that results in lower than the industry average pricing - less than hiring a full-time in-house employee.

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Test Before You Buy

Availability of Demos and Proof of Concept (POC) for qualified customers. 

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Proactive Communications

Proactive communications with personalized support through IM, email, and a 24/7 hotline.



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Meet our team and discover how

they improve your security posture


Why SMEs Buy NovaMDR


Seamless Cybersecurity Integration & Cost Efficiency

NovaMDR integrates effortlessly with your current infrastructure, enhancing its capabilities without new investments.

NovaMDR is designed to complement and enhance your existing security infrastructure, allowing you to leverage your current investments fully.

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Cost-Effectiveness Through Optimized Operations

Recognizing the industry-wide challenge of cybersecurity staffing shortages and the critical need for 24/7 monitoring, ForeNova leverages a unique blend of proprietary technology and expert analysis. 

This approach significantly reduces the reliance on large in-house security teams, allowing us to provide unmatched cost-effectiveness with NovaMDR.

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Unmatched Threat Detection Through Advanced Analytics

NovaMDR’s analytics engines collect and correlate data with far greater efficacy than conventional SIEM solutions.

With the power of AI and machine learning, coupled with our seasoned cybersecurity experts, we can detect even the most evasive threats with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

We Solve Common Business Challenges

1. Complex IT Environments

2. Expertise and Staffing

3. Compliance Pressures

4. Threats to Sensitive Data

5. Ransomware and Cyber Attacks

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Calculate the ROI: In-house SOC Team vs. MDR

Compare the costs of building an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) vs. using an Managed Detection and Response service.

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What makes us different


We have our roots in behavior analytics of network & endpoint activity. Our cybersecurity experts are masters in handling our own technology.


With the smart combination of Machine Learning, AI and human expert services we deliver a real 360° security for our customers.


We embrace full integration with our customer’s existing IT security infrastructure. Our goal is to use the whole existing toolkit to defend against any kind of cyberthreat.

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Our Case Studies

Peace of mind with NovaMDR

We know that we will sense and respond on a high alert or critical activity due to the alarms that NovaCommand sends to us. This kind of reliability is crucial to us.

We feel very well taken
care of

We don't have the resources to close all emerging vulnerabilities in the network in a timely manner. With ForeNova, we can manage to stop damaging attacks or at least contain them immediately.

NovaMDR was our way to evolve our IT security

With the excellent and flexible support, NovaMDR gives us peace of mind and a future-proof solution against the ever-evolving cyberattacks on our hospital

Fight ransomware with ForeNova by your side.

Please fill out this quick form and our team of security experts will be in touch with you shortly to discuss how ForeNova can help solve your cybersecurity challenges.
Thank you for your interest.

Call for help:

General Line: +31 20 700 8895

Monday- Friday | 09:00-17:00

Mail for information:


Head office address:

ForeNova Technologies B.V. Kingsfordweg 151, 1043 GR Amsterdam, Netherlands

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