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When cyber threats evolve faster than you can blink, we ensure your business remains secure and resilient against any digital onslaught.

Why NovaMDR


24x7 security operations minus operational overheads and staffing complexities

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Reduce employee attrition caused by menial and repetitive tasks and avoid alert fatigue


Improve organizational security through effective threat detection and response capabilities by leveraging human-machine intelligence


Reduce internal IT security workload and free up resources for more business-relevant security activities


Constantly improve and strengthen security posture with input from experienced security professionals


Incident Process

Risk reduction by Forenova

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Cybersecurity Beyond

Firewalls and Anti-Virus

A customer story


On a brisk November evening in Germany, Jörg Mattern, the Managing Director of CPS GmbH, faced a critical moment.

Observing cyber-attacks on nearby businesses prompted CPS GmbH to seek enhanced network transparency beyond their existing firewall and endpoint security.

On the advice of a long-standing IT specialist, renowned for safeguarding global airline ticket transactions, CPS GmbH rigorously assessed NovaMDR from ForeNova. This evaluation marked the beginning of a strategic shift towards a more comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity approach.

Jörg reflects on the transformation: "We don't have the resources to close all emerging vulnerabilities in the network in a timely manner. With NovaMDR, we can manage to stop damaging attacks or at least contain them immediately.

We no longer have to constantly worry about our security or even hire someone extra to monitor the network. We can rely on NovaCommand and thus concentrate on our business.

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Our Commitment to Your Security

With NovaMDR, you're securing a future where your business thrives free from the fear of digital threats. Our advanced detection and response capabilities and our expert team's support mean you can confidently face the digital age knowing NovaMDR has your back.

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Ready for Unbreakable Cybersecurity?

Don't wait for a breach to realize the value of robust cybersecurity. 

Request a demo today and see firsthand how NovaMDR can transform your cyber defenses from reactive to proactive, ensuring that your business remains secure, compliant, and ahead.



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