Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

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ForeNova MDR leverages leading-edge security technology and world-class security experts to provide 24x7 non-stop monitoring of your endpoints, networks, cloud, and identities to detect and respond to the stealthiest and most sophisticated of cyber-attacks.

State of Cyber Security

  • Increasing sophistication of cyber attacks
    Attackers are also taking advantage of technological advancements to carry out more effective and devastating attacks. Every day, new attacks are seen in the wild, giving defenders very little time to investigate and defend against them. Cyber threats are evolving at a highly accelerated pace, making it challenging for defenders to detect and respond to them in a timely manner.

  • Increasing workload of IT security teams
    IT security teams are tasked with the tedious sifting of large volumes of logs, manually searching for threats or indicators, which inevitably leads to missed events and alert fatigue.

  • Lack of cyber security skills and expertise for building proper defences
    Globally acknowledged as a major concern, the growth of cybersecurity skills is severely lacking behind every other aspect of cyber security. Organizations are struggling to acquire, develop or retain such capabilities to better secure themselves against cyber threats.

  • Lack of cyber security policies and processes for security optimization
    Most organizations lack the necessary SOPs and policies to properly manage threats. Despite having the latest technologies in place, improper implementation or use of these technologies nullifies their effectiveness in protecting the organization.

ForeNova MDR

ForeNova MDR is designed to help organizations enhance their security operations and better secure themselves from an ever-growing threat landscape. This service leverages the concept of human-machine intelligence, a combination of the latest security technology with human experience, perception, and skepticism, to deliver accurate threat detection and analysis, as well as actionable response assistance to eliminate threats and prevent catastrophic security incidents from occurring.  

The ForeNova MDR Value Proposition:

  • Increase security operational efficiency by leveraging leading-edge security technology, proven security techniques and processes, and experienced security professionals
  • Enhance security visibility through human and machine assisted threat detection and threat hunting to find things that may have escaped your existing security controls
  • Keep organizations secure through real-time threat detection and analysis
  • Build a better security operations team consisting of internal teams and external  security experts

The Human-Machine Intelligence Concept

The concept of human-machine intelligence outlines the combined use of technology and human logic, blended together through years of optimized and fine-tuned processes and procedures, to provide the most effective threat detection and response service. This enables ForeNova MDR to deliver more accurate detection and provide timely response assistance.

The Human-Machine Intelligence Concept


ForeNova MDR Benefits

  • 24x7 security operations minus operational overheads and staffing complexities
  • Reduce employee attrition caused by menial and repetitive tasks and avoid alert fatigue
  • Improve organizational security through effective threat detection and response capabilities by leveraging human-machine intelligence
  • Reduce internal IT security workload and free up resources for more business-relevant security activities
  • Constantly improve and strengthen security posture with input from experienced security professionals
ForeNova MDR Benefits

Service Elements

  • Threat analysis and identification - 24x7 threat detection, analysis, and verification, leveraging AI-enabled detection capabilities and experienced security professionals to accurately identify and analyse threats and provide notification in a timely manner
  • Threat response and remediation - Context-relevant threat response assistance rendered remotely by our team of security experts to help customers manage and eradicate detected threats. Covers emergency containment assistance, detection and impact analysis, traceability investigations and improvement recommendations.
  • Asset Tracking - Initial and regular review of in-scope assets to track and identify unauthorized changes, as well as to provide proper context to the service.
  • Expert Services - Exclusive security professional assigned to every customer to ensure continuity in communications when it comes to threat notification, response assistance as well as any related advisory or recommendations included in the service. Also include quarter proactive threat hunting exercises from our security professionals.
  • Customer Portal - Gain access to real-time security overview of the customer's monitored environment, including open and closed cases, security view of monitored assets as well as access to regular reports.

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Detect and Protect.

ForeNova represents a new way for companies to put an end to relentless, and often undetected, cyber threats coming from every direction.​ With ForeNova’s unified command center, businesses can detect threats that are already inside their network, and previously unknown.