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October 1, 2022

CPS GmbH Germany - ForeNova Customer Story

“We feel very well taken care of” - How NovaCommand ensures safety

"We don't have the resources to close all emerging vulnerabilities in the network in a timely manner. With ForeNova, we can manage to stop damaging attacks or at least contain them immediately.

We no longer have to constantly worry about our security or even hire someone extra to monitor the network. We can rely on NovaCommand and thus concentrate on our business.


Jörg Mattern, Managing Director CPS GmbH

About CPS GmbH

CPS Communication Partner Sales GmbH has been active worldwide as a special distributor since 2003. CPS GmbH specializes in innovative solutions for commercial customers.

Especially through the distribution and preparation of business-critical communication systems from Unify/Siemens, Ascom, Alcatel, Cisco, Mitel and special equipment for oil production facilities and mines, as well as communication accessories from Jabra, Poly, EPOS, etc., the security of the corporate network is at the forefront.


Particularly with the increasing importance of online sales, CPS and its Managing Director Jörg Mattern were at a crossroads in terms of security: "We were clear that we had to rethink the entire security structure. What can we do better? How can we detect as early as possible that we have been attacked?”

Successful cyber-attacks in the nearer business environment led to the conclusion that, in addition to traditional IT security with firewall and endpoint security, transparency had to be created as to what was going on in the network. On the recommendation of an IT specialist who has been working for the company for many years and is primarily active in securing ticket transactions for global airlines, NovaCommand from ForeNova was intensively evaluated by CPS.

For Managing Director Jörg Mattern, it was a good fit right from the start: "We immediately had a good feeling about the system. Especially since the support of ForeNova's presale team was excellent during thetest phase. In the two weeks of the PoC phase, we liked how quickly & clearly an overview of the activities in our company network was provided. As a B2B company, we rely on all transactions in the online space to run smoothly. A successful cyberattack would be a high commercial risk and damage to our
reputation with corporate customers."

With connections to the online shop system, the migration of individual IT services to the cloud and the numerous analysis and repair devices connected to the network, the complexity of the corporate network is constantly growing.


How NovaCommand Helps

NovaCommand monitors all traffic between all nodes, detecting attacks in areas not previously covered by CPS endpoint security and firewall. AI- and machine learning-based behavioral analysis immediately notices when malware such as APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) prepare ransomware attacks and similar cyberattacks on the network. In such cases, NovaCommand intervenes immediately and can, for example, disconnect the relevant clients from the rest of the network to prevent terrible damage. Additional services from ForeNova can add human expertise in analyzing suspicious network activities, recommending steps to improve network security, or even quickly responding to incidents in case they already happened.

Also, with regard to ForeNova's service offerings, where cybersecurity experts analyze network activities in addition to NovaCommand, Jörg Mattern sees a great demand for ForeNova's NDR solutions: "I think that many customers will take up ForeNova's offer. Simply because companies don't have the manpower to provide security that can withstand modern cyber attacks. Most employees don't have the skills to do so, plus they are already busy enough with their day-to-day operations. A solution like NovaCommand and Forenova's services provide tremendous relief for us."

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