Mar 19, 2023 10:30:00 AM

Netherlands EHR Leader ChipSoft - ForeNova Customer Story

“Peace of Mind with ForeNova” - NovaCommand as a reliable game changer

"For us, NovaCommand delivers peace of mind. There is much precious information from NovaCommand. We check daily to see all the information on ForeNova’s security dashboard. We know that we will sense and respond on a high alert or critical activity due to the alarms that NovaCommand sends to us. This kind of reliability is crucial to us.”


George van Dijk, Chief Information Security Officer at ChipSoft

About ChipSoft

ChipSoft is the Netherlands' market leader for EHR (Electronic Health Record). Their EHR solution is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, Microsoft-based, fully integrated, innovative, extremely flexible, and configurable solution. All functionalities are developed in-house, placed in the same technical layer, and use the same single clinical data repository. That enables ChipSoft to support the most complex healthcare processes and remain highly efficient by reusing information and functionalities across the entire application.

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Since ChipSoft was founded in 1986, there has been a strong focus on quality and patient safety. Their software meets both national and international standards, which serves as proof of this commitment and focus.

With this strong security focus in mind, ChipSoft sought a solution that offered them full transparency on their network activity: “Back in the old days, we had no clue what was happening and were completely blind. And we were looking for tooling to have eyes on the network constantly and know what is flowing around between network components.

ForeNova's solution for ChipSoft

With NovaCommand, ChipSoft can get deep insights into all network activity and its security-related implication. “We are now able to constantly follow up on what is happening. That’s a game changer.

For George van Dijk, Chief Information Security Officer at ChipSoft, there were three main reasons to get better network visibility with NovaCommand: “The first one for us is, of course, security. We need a solution to prevent or minimize cyberattacks if they breach firewall and endpoint security. The second reason is compliance. We must ensure that every user and every device on our network is compliant. Finally, the third driver is the productivity of networking. We always want to improve your efficiency.

Electronic Health Records Secured

NovaCommand monitors all traffic between all nodes, detecting attacks in areas not previously covered by ChipSofts current endpoint security and firewall. AI and machine learning-based behavioral analysis immediately notice when malware such as APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) prepare ransomware attacks and similar cyberattacks on the network.

In such cases, NovaCommand intervenes directly and can, for example, disconnect the relevant clients from the rest of the network to prevent terrible damage. “It was starting and getting more attention, and we saw NovaCommand as one of the things to show the hospitals (our customers) that they can rely on

ChipSoft is also aware of their customer’s concerns regarding cybersecurity expertise: “Today many end customers are overwhelmed. Security is only a small part of their job. It's not their full-time mission, unlike ForeNova’s expert teams”. Managed services can provide tremendous relief to customers. With ForeNova's service offerings, cybersecurity experts analyze network activities 24/7, can immediately respond to cyberattacks and can help to analyze security incidents that have already happened.

Hospitals must show that they are monitoring.” says George van Dijk. With NovaCommand, they can fulfill this requirement with ease. In addition, ForeNova provides a complete security platform covering network and endpoints that can respond to suspicious activity and orchestrate the existing security infrastructure at the customer site to withstand even so far unknown cyberattacks.


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