ForeNova NovaIR Incident
Response Service

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At ForeNova, we understand the immense pressure of managing the situation when you are experiencing a cyber-attack. More so when you do not have the right processes and people in place to help figure out what is going on and what to do next.

Enter NovaIR, ForeNova’s incident response service. Designed to assist our customers resolve and investigate some of the more common security incidents, our incident response team is backed by over 5000 man-hours of incident response investigation experience and fine-tuned methodologies to help you face your cyber-security nightmare.

NovaIR Approach To Incident Response

Our key focus with our NovaIR service is to assist customers in identifying and containing the attack. We also focus on identifying the root cause or point of entry and any vulnerabilities or weaknesses associated with the attack, and finally provide a report that covers not only incident-related information, but also recommendations based on industry best practices on how to further improve the security architecture based on the results of our investigation.

NovaIR Approach To Incident Response



Incident assessment + pre-analysis


Locate malware & Contain


Identify Ransomware / APT Family


Trace & Block Attack Source


Reinforce Defenses to Minimize Risk of Subsequent Attacks

What This Means For You

Access to security professionals during critical situations
Gain full visibility of the security incident to plan for improvement and remediation
Learn from experienced experts to handle future security incidents
Improve security posture through recommendations and remediation suggestions

Combining Our Services For Better Coverage

We believe that our security services can assist you in any stage of a security incident, not just during an attack. Combining NovaIR with our threat posture assessment service, NovaTA, you can gain the visibility you need to understand your current weaknesses and vulnerabilities, improve your security posture, and be also able to detect any residual indicators of attacks that may be hidden in your network.


Tap into expert insights & best practices

ForeNova’s experts share valuable insights, best practices, customer challenges and industry trends. Learn from security practitioners and thought leaders on how to best protect your business from new and persistent cyber threats.

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Detect and Protect.

ForeNova represents a new way for companies to put an end to relentless, and often undetected, cyber threats coming from every direction.​ With ForeNova’s unified command center, businesses can detect threats that are already inside their network, and previously unknown.