Our Case Studies

Peace of mind with NovaMDR

We know that we will sense and respond on a high alert or critical activity due to the alarms that NovaCommand sends to us. This kind of reliability is crucial to us.

We feel very well taken
care of

We don't have the resources to close all emerging vulnerabilities in the network in a timely manner. With ForeNova, we can manage to stop damaging attacks or at least contain them immediately.

NovaMDR was our way to evolve our IT security

With the excellent and flexible support, NovaMDR gives us peace of mind and a future-proof solution against the ever-evolving cyberattacks on our hospital

Discover Your Potential Cost Savings with ForeNova MDR

Solve the security compliance & avoid team burnout by offloading the tedious work.

Find out how we use cutting-edge tools, and real-time insights to swiftly identify and neutralize threats before they wreak havoc on your systems.