NovaTA - Threat Posture
Assessment for Your Network

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Evaluate your network security and let NovaTA take a deep dive into your traffic - using the perfect balance of AI, Machine Learning and Human expertise

What we will find for you

  • Hidden malware and other so far undetected threats 
  • Network vulnerabilities  
  • Weaknesses in security controls
Network weaknesses

What we will fix for you


  • Minimize your network attack surface
  • Transparency on everything happens in your network
  • No Advanced Persistent Threats left in your network
Powered by advanced detection technology built into our world-class NDR platform
Discover threats based on information captured from the network
Uncovers potential / hidden threats, network + system vulnerabilities, as well as abnormal network behaviors
Focuses on root cause analysis and providing long term improvement plans and recommendations
Identify Potential Attacks/Threats
  • Uncover attack IoCs
  • Uncover compromised machines
  • Identity attack traffic that bypassed existing controls

Gain better visibility of your current threat posture and uncover possible hidden threats that may have escaped your existing controls.

Investigate Attack Events
  • Indentity root case and point of entry
  • Validate events

Understand weakness in your network environment and discover how incidents occured to allow for better reinforcement planning and strategizing and avoid reinforcement

Recommendation and Improvement
  • Comprehensive reporting - uncover everything captured on NovaCommand
  • Recommendations and improvement plans from experienced security professionals and consultants

Recieve advisory and recommendations for experienced security professionals leveraging years of experience and industry best practices to improve your security posture.

  • Understanding customer requirements and environment
  • Determining scope of assessment
  • Plan technical architecture
  • Deploy service components
  • Monitor network traffic and security activities
  • Fine-tune security policies as necessary
  • Recommended to have sensor running 2 – 3 weeks
  • Present findings / produce report documentation
  • Recommendations and improvement plans
  • Security hardening suggestions
  • Project closure and service component removal
  • Threat identification and analysis
  • Event diagnosis
  • Gap analysis
  • Business impact analysis
  • Discussion on findings

What makes us different from common Pen tests



Assessment approach Defensive Offensive
Analysis from System Perspective No Yes
Vulnerability Assessment Yes No
Penetration Testing No Yes
Malware Event Analysis Yes No
Potential Threat Event Analysis (Insecure practices, Network abnormalities) Yes No
Business Impact Analysis Yes No
Security Gap Analysis Yes No
Recommendation for Short Term Remediation Yes Yes
Recommendation for Long Term Security Improvement Yes No
Threat Hunting Yes Yes

What NovaTA will deliver to you

  • Cyber threat analysis and identification - 24x7 threat detection, analysis, and verification, leveraging AI-enabled detection capabilities and experienced security professionals to accurately identify and analyse threats and provide notification in a timely manner
  • Threat response and remediation - Context-relevant threat response assistance rendered remotely by our team of security experts to help customers manage and eradicate detected threats. Covers emergency containment assistance, detection and impact analysis, traceability investigations and improvement recommendations.
  • Asset Tracking - Initial and regular review of in-scope assets to track and identify unauthorized changes, as well as to provide proper context to the service.
  • Expert Services - Exclusive security professional assigned to every customer to ensure continuity in communications when it comes to threat notification, response assistance as well as any related advisory or recommendations included in the service. Also include quarter proactive threat hunting exercises from our security professionals.
  • Customer Portal - Gain access to real-time security overview of the customer's monitored environment, including open and closed cases, security view of monitored assets as well as access to regular reports.

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Detect and Protect.

ForeNova represents a new way for companies to put an end to relentless, and often undetected, cyber threats coming from every direction.​ With ForeNova’s unified command center, businesses can detect threats that are already inside their network, and previously unknown.