Ransomware Detection & Response

Block every step in the kill chain

Point security solutions are no longer effective

Ransomware is the fastest growing cyber threat today.

  • Malicious emails are up 600% due to COVID-19.
  • Experts estimate that a ransomware attack will occur every 11 seconds in 2021
  • The average downtime a company experiences after a ransomware attack is 21 days


Stop attacks by breaking the ransomware kill chain.

Detect & Block
Detect & Block
Command & Control Communications
Detect & Block
Detect & Block
Multi-stage AI analysis engine with a 99.65% detection rate. Threat intelligence identifies malicious files at both the network and endpoints. Validate malicious C&C communications. Self-scan  endpoints to identify infections and terminate outbound communication to C&C servers. Advanced ransomware honeypot technology quickly identifies and kills file encryption processes before major damage is done. Identify unusual or unauthorized connections passing between endpoints. Isolate or terminate to prevent the spread of malware.


ForeNova NovaCommand is the only complete, holistic security solution to prevent and mitigate ransomware attacks in real-time.

    • Block every step in the ransomware kill chain
    • Direct integration between firewall and endpoint agents without using TI or management console as a go-between 
    • Block command & control communications and lateral propagation based on direct endpoint input
    • Verify endpoint infection based on command & control communications

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