Continuous Threat Detection

Detect threats that other solutions miss

Prevention alone cannot stop attacks

Shift your mindset: From keeping attackers out to assuming they are already in.

  • 350,000 new malware strains registered everyday
  • Existing security controls can only block 99.5% of them
  • Hackers have developed mature technologies to bypass anti-virus and anti-malware sandboxes

Stop attacks before they cause damage.

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Artificial Intelligence

  • Dynamic Behavior Modeling 
  • Abnormal User Behavior (UEBA) 
  • ForeNova Neural-X integration
Copy of You can’t fight what you can’t see - until now.

Detect More

  • Known and unknown threats/attacks 
  • Known, unknown and rogue assets 
  • Attacks that quietly bypassed existing controls 
  • Insider threats 

Complete Network Coverage

  • North-South traffic 
  • East-West traffic 
  • Network Gateway logs 
  • Endpoint logs 
  • User Authentication 


ForeNovaNovaCommand continuously monitors all network traffic and
security events to uncover unknown threats from internal and external sources.

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