ForeNovas 3rd Party Integrations

NovaCommand is an AI-native platform that integrates seamlessly with other tools through an open and extensible architecture. Unified enterprise defenses have never been more important due to both increasing threats and ever-increasing complexity - and have never been more difficult to achieve.


Distributed users, disparate applications, and disjointed standalone solutions are a thing of the past with NovaCommand. Security teams can protect their employees through integrations across multiple silos, and existing security solutions are best leveraged through shared intelligence and active integrations.

Key Benefits of ForeNovas Open Architecture

  • Support for third-party firewall and endpoint protection products through appropriate API documentation
  • Extend visibility into their network through integrations with cloud and zero-trust technologies
  • Automated response through the integration with Endpoint Security Solutions
  • Isolation of endpoints and execution of scan tasks through integration with Endpoint Protection
Network Detection and Firewalls API-2


With the Integration of NovaCommand with the following Network Detection Solutions and Firewalls, you can block endpoints and you can create rules. You can also unblock your network and delete rules.

Endpoint Protection APIs-1

Endpoint Protection

If you integrate NovaCommand with the following Endpoint Protection Solutions, you can isolate endpoints and you can scan memory. It is also possible to do a full scan and to put processes into quarentine.

Other APIs


Integration with non-security platforms like VMWare to do responsive actions like a shutdown or hibernation of a VM.

We also integrate with Network Access Control solutions like MacMon. With this integration you could shut a port on a switch based on the MAC address.

Don't see what you are looking for?We have other integrations and we can also provide additional integrations for your environment.


Network Threat Defense Software

Novacommand can help detect threats by inspecting and analyzing the network traffic. The information about the network traffic (metadata) will be correlated and analyzed as well. 

By doing this, threats can be detected in an early stage by their behavior, destination, or a combination of both. 

Novacommand will not 'defend' you against threats but will alarm you on a threat and if needed initiate an action with a 3rd party integration like a firewall or EPP. 

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