NIS2 For The Food Industry


The NIS2 Directive adopted by the European Union is a major development in cybersecurity legislation with far-reaching consequences for the food industry. Since this industry is increasingly using digital technology, being familiar with and able to implement NIS2 is essential to preserving public faith in its products and services.

The frequency and sophistication of cyber assaults against the food industry have increased. A growing number of cyber incidents, such as sophisticated ransomware attacks, have been reported by European food manufacturers and suppliers in recent years, causing significant financial losses and the risk of food shortages.

Scope of NIS2: Encompassing the Food Industry

The food industry's importance to national and economic security prompted NIS2 to extend its regulatory reach into that sector. As a result of this addition, both large-scale food producers, processors, and distributors and smaller, specialized suppliers will be held to stricter cybersecurity standards in order to safeguard their operations.


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Cybersecurity breaches in the food sector can have severe consequences

The repercussions of a breach in the food industry can be severe. However, the long-term effects of such occurrences can be far more detrimental to a company's bottom line.
  1. Supply Chain Disruptions: Cyberattacks can paralyze supply chains, leading to delays or shortages of essential food products.
  2. Food Safety Risks: Compromise of food safety systems can lead to health risks if not promptly addressed.
  3. Financial and Reputational Damage: Data breaches and operational disruptions can result in significant financial losses and long-term damage to consumer trust.

Unique Cybersecurity Challenges in the Food Industry

Protection of Sensitive Data

Ensuring the security of supply chain data and proprietary food processing techniques is paramount.

Industrial Control System (ICS) Security

Many food industry operations rely on ICS, which are often vulnerable to cyber threats.

Food Safety System Integrity

Ensuring the digital integrity of systems that monitor and control food safety is critical.

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Implications of NIS2 for the Food Industry


Enhanced Cybersecurity Protocols Specific to Food Operations: In order to comply with NIS2, the food industry must develop comprehensive cybersecurity policies and procedures. A company that specializes in frozen foods, for instance, may need to protect the data monitoring systems in its cold storage facilities from hackers who could interfere with the temperature controls and cause the products to degrade.

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Comprehensive Protection for Supply Chain Data: Due to the transnational scope of the food supply chain, NIS2 mandates increased protections for the transfer of information between producers, shippers, and retailers. For instance, blockchain technology might be implemented to protect the integrity and security of supply chain data, preventing manipulation or unauthorized access.

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Advanced Defense Against Threats to Industrial Control Systems (ICS): ICS are vital in food production and processing. NIS2 pushes for more robust security measures, such as regular system updates and employee training on recognizing phishing attempts that could compromise these systems. An example is the installation of intrusion detection systems to monitor for unusual network activity indicative of a cyberattack.

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Stringent Compliance and Incident Reporting: NIS2 mandates stringent compliance measures for the food business, especially for incident reporting. For instance, if a dairy company's distribution network suffers a data breach, it must immediately notify the appropriate authorities and provide details about the breach's nature, impact, and any corrective measures implemented.

How to Prepare for compliance with the NIS2 Directive

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