March 8, 2022

I prefer to hire women in cybersecurity

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While many might think cybersecurity is a male-dominated industry. On the contrary, there is an increasing proportion of women in this space. In 2013, 13% of cybersecurity professionals are women. In 2021, the number is 24%, according to a survey from 

Personally, I would prefer to add more women to my cybersecurity team. There are many open positions in cybersecurity, such as software development, testing, product management, product owner, security operation, CTO, or CISO. 

Women are better at protecting themselves than men, both offline and online. Women typically use more unique passwords for their own accounts than men, making them less likely to be compromised. Research by indicated that fewer women are hacked than men, 46% vs 54%.  

Women write safer codes than men. Women are more detailed oriented and are better at following processes. By following secure programming best-practice, women are less likely to produce security vulnerabilities than men. 

Women are actually better at cybersecurity than men. As a practitioner, cybersecurity demands stronger analytical skills, attention to detail, and emotional intelligence, softer skills are found in more women than men.  

In fact, there are more women in leadership positions within cybersecurity than men, in roles such as CTO, CISO, IT Directors, or VP of IT, according to a study by 

As a hiring manager, I would encourage more women to apply. If you are hiring in cybersecurity, I would recommend that you consider women at least equally as men. 

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