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May 17, 2023

Automotive Supplier Transforms Cybersecurity with NovaMDR

“We noticed a profound transformation in the company's cybersecurity operations after implementing ForeNova's NovaMDR solution.”

Before we started working with ForeNova, our security team was constantly overwhelmed by the number of threats and incidents they had to deal with. The NovaMDR solution has truly been a game-changer for our organization.

CTO of the automotive supplier

About the Customer

Our customer is one of the leading automotive suppliers globally, providing essential elements of the supply chain to car manufacturers in Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Asia. Driven by constant innovation, the customer needs to develop, manufacture & deliver reliably on time to all its customers. Any stop in manufacturing would be high financial risk and harm the supplier’s flawless reputation.


How NovaMDR Address Customer's Paint Points

The supplier found themselves grappling with various cybersecurity issues that were hampering their operations. Their local security team was ill-equipped to handle overseas phishing email sample analysis and successful attack notifications from higher authorities. Their production environment was also populated with legacy OS-embedded machines, rendering installing traditional endpoint detection software impossible. This led to performance issues and a vulnerable network as various viruses wreaked havoc on their systems.


These pain points had far-reaching consequences, affecting the company’s production efficiency and overall security posture.

One of the key benefits of the NovaMDR solution was the 24/7 security monitoring service provided by ForeNova's SOC Operation Center, which worked in tandem with the customer's security team to ensure the smooth running of the production system.

The company gained access to T3 security experts who offered remote emergency support, addressing complex security issues and responding promptly to any kind of incident. 

ForeNova's NovaMDR solution also facilitated the re-segmentation of the company's internal network and the implementation of centralized management for security devices. This entailed re-planning the external boundaries and intranet areas, which helped mitigate the risk of network-wide paralysis caused by virus transmission

“ForeNova’s NovaMDR has not only helped us secure our legacy systems but also improved our overall network performance. Our production efficiency has increased dramatically, and we have more confidence in our ability to protect our systems from future threats”

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