Case Studies

Explore case studies of how our security solutions have successfully safeguarded organizations against evolving threats and vulnerabilities.


Latest Case Studies

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17 May, 2023
Automotive Supplier Transforms Cybersecurity with NovaMDR
“We noticed a profound transformation in the company's cybersecurity operations after implementing ForeNova's NovaMDR solution.” Before we started working with ForeNova, our security team was...
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19 Mar, 2023

Netherlands EHR Leader ChipSoft - ForeNova Customer Story

“Peace of Mind with ForeNova” - NovaMDR as a reliable game changer "For us, NovaMDR delivers...
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1 Oct, 2022

CPS GmbH Germany - ForeNova Customer Story

“We feel very well taken care of” - How NovaCommand ensures safety "We don't have the resources...

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