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How To Choose The Right SIEM Security Solution For Your Business

Explore the current state of SIEM, emerging trends, and the best practices every CISO must embrace. 


5 Common Types of Ransomware You Should Know About

Read about the 5 most common types of ransomware that everyone should be aware about and learn how to deflect these attacks.


What Is Malvertising?

What if malware was a click away via the ads we encounter every day? How can we tell if clicking an ad would wreak havoc on our devices and systems?


2024 Guide to Cyber Threat Detection and Response (TDR)

The havoc cyber threats can wreak extends beyond an organization's IT, network, and cloud infrastructures, causing business disruption, data, and monetary losses.


Best Practices to Protect from Cyber Threats in 2024

Learn how to keep your organization safe from cyber threats in 2024 and what it takes to survive in the ever-changing cyber-security landscape.


How to Conduct a Cyber Threat Analysis

Step-by-step Guide on how to perform a cyber security threat analysis and the importance of securing your network against cyber threats...


What Is Crypto-Malware

The cryptocurrency boom has led to cyber threat actors adopting unauthorized and illegal ways to get their hands on cryptocurrencies.


Most Common Types of Phishing Attacks

What is the biggest vulnerability of an enterprise that a cyber-attacker can exploit? Network vulnerabilities? Poorly configured devices? Application vulnerabilities? All valid guesses, but the right answer is: human users.


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ForeNova’s experts share valuable insights, best practices, customer challenges and industry trends. Learn from security practitioners and thought leaders on how to best protect your business from new and persistent cyber threats.

How Do DACH Countries Benefit from Cybersecurity Protection Services?

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ROI: Managed Detection and Response (MDR) vs. In-House SOC

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Proactive Resilience: Creating an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

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