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21 Dec, 2023
The Signs of Alert Fatigue
Alert fatigue compromises the cybersecurity posture of the firm and puts an unmanageable strain on the IT team. This issue has the potential to cause expensive security incidents, low morale and...
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24 Nov, 2022

What is Vulnerability Management?

Modern organizations operate in a world where technology creates both opportunities and risks. The...
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16 Nov, 2022

What is Incident Response in Cyber Security

What is Incident Response in Cyber Security? Incident response (also known as cyber incident...
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2 Nov, 2022

Key Findings from the 2021 State of IT Security in Germany

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is Germany’s federal-level cybersecurity agency....
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9 Oct, 2022

Cyber heists - How two cryptocurrency platforms lost more than 1B Euro

One of the biggest hacks in history happened last week at Binance BNB Cryptocurrency. You would...
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26 Sep, 2022

Ransomware as a Service & 4 Trends To Be Aware of in 2022

A Deteriorating Ransomware Threat Landscape Ransomware continues to dominate the cyber threat...
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19 Sep, 2022

Secure your free ticket for it-sa 2022 Nürnberg Expo

We are pleased to announce, that ForeNova Technologies will have its own booth (7-634) in hall 7 at...
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29 Aug, 2022

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – Definition & Benefits

What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)? Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a type of...
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12 Aug, 2022

What is IoT Security? – ForeNova Technologies

What is IoT Security? IoT security is the practice of securing a category of internet-connected...
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26 Jul, 2022

What Is SecOps (Security Operations)?

DevOps – a methodology that brings together Development (Dev) with Operations (Ops) – has...
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25 Jul, 2022

What is a Supply Chain Attack? – ForeNova Technologies

In December 2020, U.S. software developer SolarWinds was exposed as the victim of a major...

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