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February 22, 2023

Global Newspaper Protected by NovaMDR - ForeNova Customer Story

“The first-class technology & service level of ForeNova is our best protection against potentially harmful crawler bots”

During the the last two years of using NovaMDR, ForeNova helped us overcoming the risk of
becoming a victim of malicious crawler bots or other cyberthreats, and has shown a high degree
o f conscientiousness, ForeNova Customer Story meticulousness, and due diligence. I would like to recommend ForeNova, their SOC Security Analysts, and their Customer Success Manager team. ForeNova as a company will play a greater role in our network security and technical operation for sure.”

Chief Security Officer of the Newspaper

About the Customer

Our customer is a prominent news source in its home country, with a circulation of more than 500 million readers on various media platforms. Its coverage includes topics from politics and economics to culture and entertainment. With 15 subsidiary companies worldwide, it is its commitment to providing accurate and timely information to its readers. The publication has a large team of journalists and editors who work around the clock to ensure that the news is delivered to readers as quickly as possible. In addition, the publication has a reputation for being a reliable source of information, which has helped to establish it as a trusted voice in its home country and internationally.

Global newspaper

Business Paint Points

The newspaper has increasingly relied on digital technology to gather, store, and distribute information, making a reliable cybersecurity solution a critical concern. Cybersecurity breaches can have severe consequences for newspapers, such as stealing or compromising sensitive information, including sources, stories, and confidential data. Such a breach can damage the reputation and credibility of our customers, leading to significant financial losses due to hefty fines and legal action. Protecting sensitive information and maintaining the trust of readers and sources is essential for the newspaper. Cybersecurity plays a vital role in ensuring information integrity and sources’ privacy. In addition, our customer is responsible for protecting the privacy and security of their subscribers & readers.

How NovaMDR Helps

The newspaper decided on NovaMDR, which provides advanced technology for Network and Endpoint Detection & Response combined with 24/7 monitoring by Security Analysts in a Security Operation Center (SOC).

Press and cybersecurity

As a leading platform in the online media business, the customer has a very specific use case for NovaMDR: There are millions of bot activities per day that crawl the news pages to index all information. While most of these activities are helpful and harmless for the customers, a rising number of malicious bots are looking for security vulnerabilities on the sites and trying to add bad links. Only a combination of AI & machine learning-powered technology and human expertise can filter these incidents and detect threats immediately and efficiently. “When an alarm is found, ForeNova’s SOC first conduct internal verification to clarify the event and then notifies us to communicate and deal with it. In case of high-level threats, they initiate an emergency response and actively coordinate our on-site personnel to cope with the cybersecurity incident.” says the CSO of the newspaper. “NovaMDR’s accuracy of reporting incidents is high, and we are very clear about our safety status every day.”

He also recognizes ForeNova’s clear communication during onboarding and daily operation: “Due to the epidemic and other reasons our IT infrastructure was in constant change. ForeNova’s technology proved to be very flexible and scalable, and having a dedicated Customer Success Manager as our single point of touch made the implementation of their solution & service into our security processes very smooth. After a short time, NovaMDR started unburdening my IT department from many security-related tasks.”

The CSO states: “As a trusted source of information, we have a responsibility to protect the privacy and security of our readers, journalists & sources. Effective cybersecurity measures are necessary to fulfill this responsibility. As a leading online media platform, we will certainly be the target of the most advanced cyber attacks, including the huge amount of potentially harmful bots crawling our information. ForeNova, with their NovaMDR security service, became one of the most significant parts of our Cybersecurity defense strategy. We are confident in their capability to detect current and future threats.

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